Built in 1886, this former Prussian officers house is being fully restored as a new location in Berlin.

CHAUSSEE 36 is a place of reflection and aesthetic. Activities in the house include a gallery, salon, event space, shooting location, furnished apartments, as well as available offices & commercial space.

Our focus is on the development and exchange of photography as the preferred medium of documentation and witness to a guiding principal: that the past, present and future are in a mutually inseparable relationship. This concept is reflected in the artistic program of the house, carried out by Galerie 36, as well as the architecture combining modern design with the conservation of Gründerzeitstil elements.


Chaussee 36 stands for sustainable architecture with the up-cycling of as many old materials as possible… turning old windows into interior design elements and offering what we like to call “a time travel experience” through the interior architecture showcasing  the various architectural styles of the 20th Century.

Through authentic design, decor, furniture and art, the visitor is removed from the everyday and transported to a different place and time.

It is an inspiration for us to remember our past, reflect on our present and think about our future:  a stand against the mass-market culture.

Chaussee 36 stands for an open minded tolerant multicultural society and looks for like minded tenants and users.

This building welcomes and supports art  projects and shall encourage and promote sustainable development.